The Project Pros was a concept that came to us after working at the executive level for many years and understanding what businesses need to grow.  We have very humble beginnings, as it all started around the kitchen table brainstorming what the missing pieces are for small businesses and professionals to thrive.  We knew we had many specialized skill-sets amongst us, that business owners could not get by hiring one employee.  We constructed a dynamic team that our clients could benefit from; utilizing our many talents in one package, rather than hiring multiple employees creating high overhead. 

We build great working relationships with our clients by understanding their needs, providing the best talent, and most importantly share their passion to make a difference in their business.  We offer services that cover almost each and every part of their day to day operations.  It is our mission to transform the way businesses grow by utilizing our talented staff to accomplish tasks without the headache of managing additional employees.

Key Employees

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Lauri's inspiration is to build and grow small businesses, by building energetic and talented teams and developing a close knit culture that is positive and supportive of one another.  Her experience in a number of different companies and positions has given her expertise in multiple business disciplines that drive customer satisfaction, deep and warm customer relationships, and ultimately success in her business interactions.  She is an accomplished athlete that brings that work ethic on each and every project she undertakes.  She instills the very same accountability that it takes to succeed in sports to her team and the commitments they make.

Shannon has helped to lead the development of the company into what it is today, an organization dedicated to understanding what businesses need and offering administrative services that cover almost each and every part of the day to day operations.  Her expertise in project management, communications, strategic planning, executive administration, customer service, facilitation and many more disciplines are second to none.  Her commitment to building a dynamic customer oriented team gives The Project Pros' clients many specialized skill sets that business owners could not get by hiring one employee.

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Sherry is the cornerstone of our phone answering and scheduling services.  She develops a process for each customer and trains the staff, so that the process is seamless, no matter which employee answers the phone.  Sherry has experience with multiple CRM systems and works with our customers to invoice, control inventory, and maintain their data bases.  She also works with our Human Resource customers with on-boarding employees, E-verify, and keeping and maintaining employee files.  Sherry is also responsible for scheduling appointments and routing repair people for several of our customers.  Her calm demeanor and easily relatable attitude make her a key part of The Project Pros team.

Stephanie's broad assortment of skills make her a go to solution for many of The Project Pros customers.  Highly organized and skilled at process improvement, Stephanie analyzes current practices and streamlines them for maximum efficiency.  She has a diverse background including graphic design and color management, data base management and data entry, editing and writing, bookkeeping, social media, and more.  Stephanie is as warm and friendly as she is talented and our customers appreciate her great attention to detail and her eagerness to assist them with their businesses.

Good looking?  Yes.  Eye candy?  Sure.  But Todd is more than that to The Project Pros.  He also lifts heavy things and (when needed) picks up dead bugs.

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