A "Bus" Test is a  thoughtful, comprehensive system which explores the impact of losing a person: If a particularly empowered individual in an organization is hit by a bus, will the organization suffer greatly?

This is how the Urban Dictionary describes a "Bus" Test; however, we at Project Pros believe every employee, at every 

"Bus" Test Development

level, in an organization plays a key role in the success of the business. A bus test can be a vital system in making sure any short-term, long-term, or permanent absences will not slow down any successful momentum within the company.

Our system is quite simple:  We develop a thorough guide that describes each person's role, duties, and their normal routines . . . that contribute to the flow and successful operation of your company on a daily basis.

This guide will include a descriptive bullet list of important daily functions, passwords to critical documents and applications, a system which allows anyone to easily detect the status of active projects, and client databases where applicable. 

Don't expose your company to a potential debilitating stall in the event of an unforeseen absence . . . let us help you to always be prepared for whatever comes your way!