Are You TOO Independent In Your Business?

Entrepreneurs can be perceived as knowing all the facets of their business – they are a jack of all trades. In the beginning of starting a new business, it is only natural you will spend a significant amount of time getting off the ground. At what point should you start outsourcing? Most entrepreneurs have the “I can do it all” mentality – which is a great mentality as it impels them to push forward towards success. The flip side to this however if carried too far and be counterproductive and defeating.

Time To Bring In Help

For many people, outsourcing is viewed as a luxury and only to the privy of large businesses and corporations. With today’s growing technology trends and free-lancers, this is not the case anymore. According to a study conducted by Elance, 78% of small companies stated that outsourcing gave them an advantage over their competitors.

The first area to evaluate is if you are in a state of maintaining your business or in a state of growth. If you find that you are constantly ‘maintaining’ and rarely find the time you need on endeavors towards development, it may be time to find some help for a few projects.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to let go of the independence a little in the name of business growth:

1. You feel as if you are constantly working yet not moving forward within your business.

2. You want more time and energy to accomplish other things.

3. There are things you’d like to execute within your business, but you are unsure how to do them or get started.

4. Your days are flying by and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

5. You are being to feel stressed over all the different responsibilities that are required of you to do to sustain your business.

Get Back To The Heart

Do you remember why you started your business? As mentioned above, if you are stressed all the time over tasks then it’s time for a change. Often, entrepreneurs can begin to feel a sense of resentment if they are stretched thin.

Outsourcing your business can help you get back to the spirit of your business and revitalize why started it in the first place. This will help to ease your workload and help you to focus on what’s important, encouraging new growth and business opportunities.

With outsourcing, you can keep your costs low (no full-time employees) while hiring someone with the expertise in a specific area to help you. It will also ease your stress level and help give your business a competitive edge.

Being independent gives an entrepreneur many attributes – self-empowerment, resilience, confidence, and the drive to become successful. There is however, such a thing as being TOO independent which can hinder a person’s judgement, increase their stress level, and dampers business growth. It is wise to know when you are being independent within your business and when it is just too much to handle anymore. Life is meant to be enjoyed…allow others to help you with the gift of outsourcing.

-The Project Pros