Creating A Coaching Culture in Your Business

Business culture is a term that involves getting all employees on the same page to maximize productivity and reach new heights. It involves every single person in the workplace. When a company’s culture is working to its full potential, teams feel confident asking each other questions about projects or for assistance. It all starts at the top of a company, with leadership needing to lead by example. Leaders need to be open to the idea of coaching, as well as demonstrating they can improve as well.

Ask the Right Questions

To help boost a positive work culture in your job, start asking open-ended questions that encourage thinking outside the box. These kinds of questions promote employees to create meaningful solutions, and in turn, feel more responsible for advances in the company. Another great suggestion is to have the members of your team coach each other. This not only gives employees hands on experience, but also will demonstrate whether the suggestions they were coached through were received the proper way. If they weren’t, then this is an appropriate time to go back to the drawing board to get things done right.

Infectious… In A Good Way

Coaching work culture also helps re-energize employees. A coaching culture is infectious, and those that receive great coaching become good coaches themselves. Many people feel uncomfortable mentoring, so they will try their best to get out of it. Insist they try, otherwise your new coaching culture may not flourish. When these faults go on for long enough, they will destroy the coaching culture you have worked hard to build.

Find an Accountability Partner

Coaching takes time and constant performance check-ups. Everybody should have one accountability partner that can meet twice a month for at least 30 minutes either in person or over the phone. Habits take a minimum of three weeks to form, so using this time frame should allow your coach to accurately determine if those new habits are forming and becoming part of the new routine.

Never Get Complacent

The last strategy for how to instill the best coaching work culture is to constantly rotate coaches. You should have the same coach for around two or three months before switching, depending on the size of your company. This allows that coach enough time to monitor and give suggestions. It also ensures that you never get too comfortable with a person. After months of working with someone, you will learn their coaching style as well as what they deem most important for you to improve. However, every person has their own opinion and coaching style. Rotating coaches every couple of months will allow yourself to grow in all areas of the company culture.

-The Project Pros