Creating A Positive Work Environment

Today we spend much of our time in the workplace, to the point where it is essential to keep it positive. Countless hours will be spent with different stresses of the job, deadlines, and a multitude of personalities. So, the big question arises – how can we create and maintain a positive work environment?

Be Respectful

Employees want to feel respected. The basic rule we were taught as kids comes into play: treat others the way you would like to be treated. It’s one of those rules that is easy to conceptualize, but hard to practice when put in the middle of a conflict at work. Did we want to have a confrontation with the employee that missed a due date on a project and now has you behind on your deadline? Of course not, and most likely they did not do it intentionally to put you behind. This rule can be difficult to practice, but just remember how you want to be treated when you make a mistake next time. The key is to create a highly productive and positive work team.

Evaluate You Employees

It is important to identify if an environment is toxic and if there is an employee(s) influencing it. Business owners should be mindful of when to let go of employees that are draining the morale and sucking the life out of the company. Employees that do not get along with others can decrease productivity and cause less engagement.

Consider taking the time to speak to your employees about how they are feeling in the work place. Be willing to listen to what they have to say. You may not like what you hear however if you focus on being solution-oriented this will create a ‘safe’ environment for your employees to speak to you openly. You will appreciate knowing how you can improve the workplace to create a cohesive team.


Employees work better when they are in a comfortable setting. A survey conducted by Pots Planters & More found that 50% employees are not engaged at their jobs and 20% are actively disengaged. Of the most important factors in an office space environment, it was found that lighting, art, and plants created positive atmospheres.

Mull over giving employees the freedom to spice up their office space and allowing them to decorate. Or if you decide to re-decorate the whole place, allow your staff to give input on possibilities. This will create a positive feel and give your employees a sense of value.

Build Trust

Giving autonomy to your employees can create a supportive foundation and lead to higher success of achieving their goals. A study published in Psychological Science from Tel Aviv University, indicated that when giving employees independence to finding ways to make their workflow more efficient increases their since of happiness and well-being. The study also mentioned that employees will feel empowered rather than micromanaged.

Creating a sense of value and respect in the workplace will lead your team to perform better and stay highly motivated. Every person in the workplace influences the ‘vibe’. Don’t leave it up to just one person to change the environment.

-The Project Pros