Customer Experience

Many businesses focus solely on customer service as the main point of customer engagement. This way of approaching customer satisfaction is highly outdated because it does not work to improve overall customer experience.

What is customer experience?

The customer experience is the sum of all contact a customer has a with a brand and their overall feeling towards that brand after they have purchased and used the product. The main point of investing in the customer experience is to increase customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between customer service

and customer experience?

Unlike customer experience, customer service is reactive and responds to customers who are not satisfied. Customer experience is proactive, aiming to create satisfaction from first point of contact through the product purchase and use. Customer service is an important component of the customer experience but should not be treated as the main or most important point of contact between the customer and business.

How to improve customer experience

If you need helping to improve your customer experience, follow these easy steps:

  • Know your customers and their needs. If you are clueless about who your customers are, then you have no way of knowing how to fulfill their needs. Knowing your customers also helps create an image of what the ideal customer experience looks like at your business.

  • Get customer feedback. Take surveys post purchase to get an idea of which areas need be improved. Offering surveys also lets customers know their experience matters and that they have a voice.

  • Create an emotional connection with your customers. Treat your customers with kindness and respect. Emotionally attached customers are much more likely to return as well promote your business to others.

  • Do not replace employee-to-customer contact with technology. Technology has its place, but it will never be able to fully replace employee-to-customer contact. Remember your customer needs before haphazardly employing technology.

It is no longer about which brand offers the best product, or which brand offers the cheapest product, it is about who offers the best overall customer experience. If you can offer a better customer experience than your competitors, then they will no longer be your competition.

-The Project Pros