Finding Fun At Work

Summer months can be difficult on businesses and their teams. Especially when it’s so hot, the only incentive is to stay inside. Many people leave town and take vacations to escape the heat, which in turn causes businesses to experience a slow season. Rather than let boredom set in for the duration of the summer months, consider taking the extra time to bond with your work team. Check out these activities to incorporate team-building while having great, competitive fun!

Scavenger Hunt

A fun activity to do with your team is a complex scavenger hunt. The key to this game is that its needs to be somewhat difficult and done in teams. For it to be challenging, consider focusing on locating items and locations outside of the work place. For example, a question asking teams to “take a team picture next to the tallest building within 5 miles of your workplace” is going to intrigue co-workers more than “find the red stapler in the office”. Another key to this game is having a great reward at the end that everyone cares about. If there is not a great prize, there will be little incentive to rush around and expend maximum effort.

Here are some suggestions for scavenger hunt apps you can incorporate. This is great to track teams as the action is happening:

Goose Chase

Action Bound


Cook Off!

When running around town doesn’t fit the style of your team-building exercises, consider a simple cook off. Most work places are confined when it comes to having an oven or a stove, so most likely everyone would have to prep the night before. However, few items stimulate people more than fresh, home-cooked food that someone else has made for them. Food parties provide opportunities for enjoyable conversations, and I’m sure nobody at your work would complain about saving some money on going out to lunch that day.

Here are some themed suggestions of the types of cook off’s you can have:

  • BBQ

  • Baking and Desserts

  • Regional & Cultural Themed Foods

  • Breakfast

  • Crock Pot

  • Dips and Sauces

Escape Rooms

This next team building activity ranks at the top of our list but can be expensive if your team is large. Escape rooms are a fun, challenging, and unique way to bond with your work team. This business idea is relatively new and is rapidly becoming a popular group activity. There are many different escape rooms out there, all ranging in different size and difficulty.

However the objective always remains the same, solve intricate puzzles within a time limit to escape the room. The beauty of doing this kind of an activity with co-workers is that it emulates the high pressure/high stakes situations that many businesses find themselves in.

Hit The Gym!

When all else fails, just hit the gym!! Here at The Project Pros, we started group workouts. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we all come together to do fitness classes after work. It has proven to be very therapeutic, especially if the workout falls on a day that happened to be stressful. Working out with your co-workers grants you the opportunity to motivate each other and create an attitude of growth in the company that is sure to benefit all areas of your business.

No matter what activity you choose, the trick is to make sure that it’s fun and interactive enough to create inclusiveness among your co-workers. Get creative and ask your team what they would like to do – you may be surprised how competitive everyone can get!

-The Project Pros