Fun In The Workplace

Who says work can’t be fun? While there are good reasons to separate work time from play time, research shows that incorporating fun tasks into the workplace can have many beneficial effects. Some of these effects include employees taking fewer sick days, being more productive, boosted creativity, and using more refined communication skills.

Health Cases in the Workplace

Even though many people like to disassociate the two, stress is directly correlated to the number of sick days an employee uses over the course of the year. A study conducted in the United Kingdom concluded that in 2016 and 2017, 40% of all work related ill health cases were caused by stress, depression or anxiety caused from the workplace. The main two reasons for this high number are an overloaded workload and issues with other employees. Both reasons can be mitigated through incorporating more fun tasks and team building exercises in the workplace.

Make it a Competition

Some advice from companies who are having tons of fun: Get competitive! These competitions should not be related to work. Make the competitions a mini mental break from work. For example, gather two teams, two challenging puzzles and a great prize. How about a game of horse with a mini Nerf basketball hoop? Any fun game that doesn’t relate to work will be perceived as a break. And just 15-30 minutes of fun in the middle of the day can help all your employees re-energize to power through the remaining couple hours of the workday.

Along with making an entire company more productive, having fun at work gives an incentive for employees to stay at their jobs longer. A study conducted by Kenexa, a successful HR company, found that when a manager has pride in their company, employee turnover is 21% lower than average. You don’t need to just play games to have fun at work. Attitudes are contagious, and sometimes that is all you need to boost the workplace morale.

Improve Morale

Sometimes the best way to boost workplace morale is just to all be together. Whether that is organizing a Thursday happy hour after work or conducting a late afternoon yoga session, the strength is in the group activity. These fun things allow employees to communicate with each other in a setting that isn’t work related and will help them build that trust in each other that they will need when stress ramps up on job tasks. The bottom line is friends work better together, so the more you can foster friendships in your workplace, the better the morale will be.