Identifying Your Leadership

Do you have a definition of what a leader is to you? Are you exhibiting those qualities? If you are unsure about what type of leader you should be….no need to worry! Leaders come in all shapes and sizes! Many leaders have different interests, strengths, and even…. weaknesses.

Identify the Leader That You Are

If you’re not sure what type of leader you are, here are some practical measures you can take to figure it out according to Forbes:

1. Personality traits

2. You values

3. Know your weaknesses

4. Get feedback

5. Your ability to delegate work

6. Observe leaders whose qualities are most like your own

Be Authentic

The truth is, no one is perfect. You, as a leader, are also included in that statement. However, your employees are not looking for perfection, they are looking for someone who is strong, humble, caring, invested, and hardworking. They want someone who is true and authentic.

Take steps to understand yourself better as leader. Look at your business culture and ask yourself if you are making the impact that you want to. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, seek the counsel of others, get feedback, and look to your leaders for support and inspiration.

Leading is a lifelong journey of growth and change. Embrace it!

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