Is Customer Service Enough?

Focusing on customer service, while important, is simply not enough to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer service is in place for two reasons: to answer questions customers might have and to react to clients who are not satisfied with their service or product. This is a one dimensional approach to customer satisfaction because it only works to meet customer needs after they have had a negative experience.

What is Customer Experience?

Rather than customer service, the focus should be centered on the customer experience (part of which includes customer service). Customer experience is the sum of all contact a customer has a with a brand and their overall feeling towards that brand. Including, after they have purchased and used their product/services. Its function is to increase satisfaction by improving products or services based on customer needs. Simply put, it’s 360-degree care that operates to prevent the need for reactive customer service at all.

If your business hasn’t yet implemented methods to increase customer experience, below are a few ways you can begin to grow a more positive experience for your clients and customers:

  1. Know your customers. It is impossible to improve your product if you don’t know your customer needs. They are the ones buying your products after all, so you should make it your life’s mission to understand them, know what they want, and ultimately, meet their needs with your product.

  2. Get customer feedback. This one goes together with the first bullet to know your market. Market research is your best friend here. One of the most effective methods in understanding your customers’ needs is to ask for their feedback through surveys.

  3. Don’t ditch customer service! Even though customer service shouldn’t be the sole means by which you increase customer satisfaction, doesn’t mean that its not important. Not matter how great your product is, there will always be someone who is not satisfied, so you need a customer service team who can handle those issues as they arise. Customer service is an integral part of the customer experience and therefore should be invested in.

Be the Best on The Market

Your product should be the best on the market, however, if your customer care is poor then your brand will never dominate the industry. You work hard to create great products for potential customers, so you can meet their needs. Consider adding customer experience to your list of business new year’s resolutions!

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