Is Your Website Making You Look Like A Pro? Or an Amateur?

If living in a digital world has taught us anything, it’s that the world of business has changed forever. 10 years ago, marketing tools like a website were a nice addition for a company. Today, they are necessary if the business wants to grow and thrive. Even things such as having a Facebook page for your business can help drive revenue and publicity for your business. Buyers are becoming more educated on the products they are choosing because they have access to more information at their fingertips.

Why You Need A Good Website

Having a website gives a company credibility, a very important attribute for prospective buyers. Having a professional looking website can give the appearance that you are a large company, and larger companies look more successful. Another great benefit of a website is it can keep your company open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If set up properly, potential buyers can order products directly from the source, thus boosting revenue by cutting out the middleman.

Perhaps more than anything else, having a website gives a business freedom. Gone are the days where people need to set up brick and mortar stores to sell products. After paying property rental fees, employees to run the store, and all kinds of unexpected occurrences, owners may find they have very little take-home pay. By simply setting up a marketplace on a website, the owner can sell directly to customers from wherever they want to set up shop.

Times Are Changing

Technology has changed the way we do business, and this will continue in the future. Technology companies are making it easier to shop and pay for items. Take for example Amazon, who within the last six months released a grocery store without any cashiers in Washington. Customers can enter the store by swiping their phones, activating their Amazon app. Once they enter the store, the use of high definition cameras and pressure sensitive shelves record the items taken and are loaded onto their Amazon account. There is no cashier and no checkout – simply walk out of the store when you are done, and the account is charged for the items taken. What once looked like shoplifting is now becoming a new normal because of technology.

While this technology is grand scale, it proves the point that a website is a basic requirement for your business to now have. The market the Internet provides is too large for small business owners to ignore. Because of this, building a quality website should be one of the top priorities on everyone’s list, regardless of the size of their business.