Outsourcing Your Blogs

Nowadays it seems that almost every business spanning nearly every industry offers a weekly blog post talking about subject matter pertinent to their service. As much as we want to keep up with our competitors, it can be very hard to find time to plan topics and churn out blogs every week, and it doesn’t make much sense to staff a writer whose only job is to blog for you. So, naturally, that leaves only one solution- outsourcing!

Things to Consider

But, before you jump to whoever is willing to do the job, there is a lot to consider before picking a business to blog write for you. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Identify what kind of blog writer you need. Find someone who understands your mission, values, brand, as well as has the knowledge to write your blogs on the subjects your blog provides.

  2. Find a business who will write blogs for you at a reasonable rate that you can afford. Don’t blow your budget on one company when you have so many to choose from. It’s ok to be discriminatory when it comes to finding the perfect place for you.

  3. Once you find a place that you think is going to work for you, give it a month or two to decide if you are going to stick with it. It takes a while to get a groove down and be able to openly collaborate. If after that it still isn’t working, adjust your blogging strategy because ultimately you must do what’s best for you and your business.

Blog writing doesn’t have to be a burden so if it has become a chore, start searching for a service to take over blog writing for you. At The Project Pros, we can help you with your blogging needs and get the job done right! Our team is familiar with writing, editing, image content, and all the other details that come with blogging! This give you time to start focusing more on your brand and less time worrying about getting your next blog post up.

The Project Pros