Recognition: Why It’s Important

As a leaders, managers, and business owners, it’s important to never underestimate the power of recognizing your employees and their hard work. Letting your employees know their work is valued will create a strong sense of achievement and promote productivity and satisfaction in their work. Truly… praise is a powerful thing. So why aren’t we utilizing it more?

Show Some Love

If you are lacking in the employee recognition department, here are a few ways you can show some love to the people who keep your business running every day!

1. Give your employees extra time off. If an employee has been working extra hard in the office, putting in over time, give them a day off to spend with their friends and family!

2. Encourage their feedback. Let them know that their voice is heard and that their opinion matters. Maybe offer a quarterly survey where they can give anonymous feedback on the company.

3. Give them food! Even something as small as bringing in donuts for your employees lets them know you are thinking of them and want to reward their hard work!

4. Host an event like a company party. The benefits of this are two-fold; your employees get to have a fun time and relax while getting to know one another better! This is great for team building!

5. Simply tell them you are proud of them and appreciate their hard work! Employee appreciation doesn’t always have to be a big show- just being in tune with your employees enough to complement their projects is enough!

When it boils down to it, it doesn’t matter which methods you choose to honor your employees, as long as you do something! Nothing is more discouraging than always working hard without an ounce of recognition, so don’t be that boss. It’s okay to expect a lot of your employees, but make sure they know just how valued they are!

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