Summer Fun in the Workplace

June is officially here, and with the changing of the months comes the change in temperature. For most and especially in places such as Arizona, we are met with unfortunate news that it’s scorching hot already outside. With little incentive to go explore the outdoors, our list for some office fun with the co-workers, (whom we spend thousands of hours with every year), has become quite small. Here at The Project Pros, we are all about making work fun. Therefore, we have outlined below four fun games to play with your co-workers this summer. Some are great icebreaker games to get to more acquainted your co-workers, while others are just a fun way to take a quick break from all the tasks on your to-do list.

Bulletin Board

The first suggestion doesn’t involve a game but can be a whole lot of fun. Create a humor bulletin board in the office, where co-workers can feel comfortable writing any funny jokes or posting something they think the group will find funny. If the idea catches on, you can even reward the person at the end of the week that posts the best thing. The possibilities are endless, but the bottom line remains, everyone loves a good laugh.

Teammate Trivia

The second suggestion we have for spicing up the office dynamic is playing a game of teammate trivia. In this game, every participant will write down three interesting facts about themselves on sticky notes and will fold them up and place them together in a box. Once everyone has finished, everyone will make a circle and take turns pulling out sticky notes. The person who pulls the note then has to guess who the interesting fact is about. If they get it right, they keep the sticky note. The first person to get 5 sticky notes wins. This game is fast, easy to do, and will help co-workers learn new things about their peers they may have not known.


While many will argue this next suggestion isn’t fun at all, consider a workout or yoga day with your office. Bonding together in something that isn’t work projects can help you learn a side of someone you never knew existed.

Tell A Lie

Another fun office icebreaker game is called: Two Facts & One Lie. Played very similarly to teammate trivia, in this game every participant will need three sticky notes. On two of the sticky notes, every participant will write down interesting facts about themselves they feel their co-workers wont know. On the last sticky note, you will write down one lie. Then mix all the sticky notes in the center and go around a circle picking and guessing which notes belong to whom and whether they are the truth statements or the lie. The first person to get five correct wins the game.

While work certainly does not always need to be fun, these four suggestions will certainly help spice up the typical work dynamic. Not only can they help you learn and bond better with your team, they are fun and promote humor in the workplace.


-The Project Pros