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The art of scheduling in today’s day and age is quickly becoming a lost art. Most people have all their scheduling tools in their pocket on their phones. But just because our schedules are close by, doesn’t mean we are effectively using them.

Many larger corporations hire positions called “scheduling coordinators” which are full time positions and the employee is dedicated to managing the schedule of the business or executive. They are essential in funneling business traffic to the right places, as well as fundamentally help the business succeed and maintain proper organization. Think about how many receptionists and secretaries you see when you walk into large organizations, it’s a lot! The reason for this is simple… large companies have enough money to pay the scheduling position for full time work, and they understand how much they really do to help the business stay afloat.

The World of Small Business

Now in the world of small businesses, the landscape looks very different. There aren’t nearly as many resources to shell out to hire scheduling coordinators and receptionists, so the responsibility usually falls to the owner for running these tasks. This can be problematic for the organization of the business. If the business is small enough, then many times it won’t be necessary to hire on a full-time receptionist or scheduler. But once your business starts to grow and more clients need to be managed, then having someone to manage your appointments and answer any incoming questions will become a pillar of your business.

At The Project Pros, we believe in a happy medium. We understand and know the importance of having someone manage your appointments and answer your phones. After all, a business can’t keep the doors open if your client’s feel their needs are not being met. For this reason, we offer packages specifically targeted to small businesses, so you can save money on your bottom line every month, while still having enough time to run your business.

Benefit to Outsourcing

Another huge benefit that The Project Pros offers is flexibility. Some business owners don’t want to answer phones, so all customer calls get funneled through us. Other businesses just want us to answer overflow calls because they still want to be the primary point of contact for their customers. Whichever you choose, it’s perfectly fine with us. That is certainly not the kind of flexibility you get when you hire your own full-time receptionist!

A logical sequence from reception work leads into scheduling work. Many times, if we answer phones for a business, we also manage scheduling for them since we are already on the phone with their clients. It is a seamless process, and if there are any urgent implications, we contact the owner (or person in charge) immediately.

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These are just two of the most common ways The Project Pros helps small businesses reach their maximum potential. Since we can answer phones and schedule remotely, we are able to help any business in The United States. If you find your business needing some part-time help to get back on track, consider calling The Project Pros today to find out more information.

-The Project Pros