The Importance of Consistency in Social Media Management


Social media is so popular today it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. The first recognizable social media site was born in 1997 on a website called Six Degrees. It functioned as a chat forum where users could create their own profiles and befriend other people. The popularity of Six Degrees was big, not Facebook big… but it introduced people to a whole new way to communicate with each other. One new style of writing that became popular with the introduction of social media was blogging. People became attracted to this casual writing style, which also served as a way for a writer to moderate a chat discussion with readers. Although innovative, it would take another 9 years before Facebook and Twitter erupted onto the public scene and would change the way we viewed social media forever.


Social media is one of the most popular ways we communicate with people today. Most likely, all you need is someone’s name to send him or her a friend request and start communicating. This part is easy to manage for most people. The other side of social media, and to be honest, it’s the harder part, is to utilize the platform for free advertising and promotion of your business. This responsibility usually falls on the shoulders of the top executives of a company, who have far too much on their plate to spend hours each day searching the Internet for relevant things to share with their customers. Yet the top companies always have bustling social media accounts because they know of the importance in communicating and building strong relationships with their customers.


Social media has some unwritten etiquette that must be followed to maximize the outlook of your business. You can’t bombard your followers with posts, but you need to make enough posts to stay relevant in the minds of readers. Posts also need to be tactful, and relevant to your industry. The best way to figure out things to post about is to simply ask your customers. Chat forums and customer reviews are a terrific way to come up with ideas.


Posts on social media sites need to be consistent in three areas to maximize their effectiveness. The first is with frequency. Posting should be a routine part of your business, and done on average of at least a couple of times per week. The second area they need to have consistency in is with aesthetics. Posts should be around the same length, and definitely not be longer than a couple of paragraphs. If you have more than a little bit to say on a topic, then you should be writing a blog on it, not a post. The last area that must be consistent to maximize social media’s effectiveness is voice. Social media posts are like having short conversations with people. Over time, if done correctly, a unique voice will begin to show through your posts. In turn, readers will begin to develop a sort of friendship with your business. Remember, it’s much easier to sell products to friends than to strangers.


Between researching relevant topics, writing posts, and finding catchy imagery to draw readers in, you can see why social media can become cumbersome to manage. This is why companies such as The Project Pros can stay so busy managing so many different social media accounts. Over here, hours each week are spent researching relevant topics and happenings going on in each of our clients industries, to make sure we are always staying up to date. If you find you don’t have enough time in the day to manage your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, consider calling the Project Pros today. It’s less expensive than you may think, and can do wonders for boosting sales in your business.

-The Project Pros