Will 2019 Be Your Year?

It’s that time of year again to start writing down some new year’s resolutions for your company – will 2019 be your year to rock your business? There’s nothing wrong with making resolutions for the coming year, but there is no sense in setting unrealistic goals for your company either. Impractical goals often go unmet, which in the end can do more harm than good. The trick to setting new year’s resolutions is planning them strategically and having

realistic expectations.

Take A Few Days

Instead of setting your corporate resolutions in stone after five minutes of thinking about them, take a few days to really reflect and analyze the changes you want to make. The following steps are a great guide to forming new year’s resolutions that will stick, giving you and your employees motivation to work hard and deliver quality work.

  1. Begin gathering data about the previous year- successes and failures. This is a great time to seek the input of all the employees, the more perspective the better. From this data, start looking for patterns, weak spots, areas of strength, and start to form an understanding which area of your business needs improvements.

  2. Dig to find the systematic root of these weaknesses. Where can the system be improved, and how?

  3. Compare these changes to the strategies you already have in place. Look for ways you can adjust your strategy to improve upon your company’s weak spots.

  4. Prioritize the changes you want to make.

  5. Communicate your goals and plans to your employees, investors, and customers. To successfully execute your goals its essential to communicate through every step of the process.

Stop Procrastinating

Don’t let another year come and go without making a strategic plan for your business. It will give yourself, and your employees, a new sense of focus and motivation to not only start the new year out strong, but finish strong as well.

If you are having difficulty putting your goals in motion, the Project Pros can help you! We are an excellent resource that knows how to get you started on the road to success, so you can start making those company changes and meeting your goals.

The Project Pros