Your Brand Image

When it comes to consumer products “never judge a book by its cover” becomes more of a saying than a way of living, especially in our increasingly image-driven culture. To stay relevant and connected to your market, branding is everything. Packaging, social media posts, brand logo etc. are just a few of the many different points of your brand image.

Just like fashion, your brand image is going to grow and evolve as trends change. With that being said…it should be a reflection of your values and culture. There is a fine line we business owners must walk to cater to our market and grow our customer base without selling out.

Is It Time to Re-Brand?

Here are some signs that it’s time to re-brand your business:

  1. Your brand logo or name is outdated. You have grown and changed, it’s okay for your logo/ name do the same.

  2. You’re embarrassed of your business cards or website. Stop cringing at your website and business cards…update them! If your mission and vision inspire you, then your brand image should be reflecting that inspiration.

  3. Your company has become overly complicated. If you are offering a broad mixture of services and you have no underlying brand narrative that ties it all together, it’s time to rebrand. Reconnect with your original vision and try to piece together the services that are true to your goals. It’s okay to take time and regroup.

  4. You’re trying to connect to a new audience. Performing diligent demographic research will identify what changes need to be made to your brand image to connect with new, untapped audiences.

Change is a wonderful thing, and sometimes necessary in order to succeed. So, don’t fear rebranding! When done right, it will completely refresh, reinvigorate, and reinvent your business.

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