Public speaking refers to a knowledgeable expert who educates and shares ideas with an audience. It is no surprise that the demand for public speakers persists in our increasingly media-driven age. While information can be shared through many other means and persuasive appeals, such as social media, websites, advertising, television, radio, etc., there remains a significant role for public speaking as a means for sharing ideas, educating and motivating others.


The Project Pros understands the potential impact that speaking to an audience, as an expert in your field, can have on your business or endeavor.  We will organize the venue, help you advertise, and make sure all arrangements are made for you to have a successful event.  Come ready to share your exceptional ideas and let The Project Pros do the rest.



Focus Groups

A focus group is a demographically diverse group of people assembed to participate in a guided discussion about a particular product, service, concept or new business before it is launched. A presentation is delivered, questions are asked and an interactive discussion is conducted. After the presentation, The Project Pros can facilitate the discussion with the participants. Participants are encouraged to speak freely with regard to the subject and the result will provide your company with useful feedback regarding any area, concept, product or new business that may require market research to assist in a better marketing strategies. 


The Project Pros Provide:

  • Venue

  • Focus Group Participants

  • Facilitator

  • A/V Requirements

  • Digital Presentation Design (if needed)

  • Brochures/Flyers (if needed)

Employee Team-Building

Have you ever wanted to encourage your employees to think outside of the box, be more creative or demonstrate a more "team" atmosphere in the office?  An employee team-building event can help you achieve just that!  The Project Pros will help you arrange and facilitate a group event.  The sky’s the limit!  We can come up with a great concept (that will fit your employees) or if you have something in mind and zero time to get it arranged, let us do the work.  We will brainstorm with you to come up with the perfect event and take the busy work off your hands.

Special Events

If your company is hosting a special event, let The Project Pros help!  We will help you arrange your next speaking event, fundraiser, holiday party or any gathering.  We locate the venue, coordinate the catering, send out the invitation and anything else that needs to be done to make your event a huge success.  

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